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On this website you will find information pertaining to Alfalfa Seed Crop Production in the Western U.S. For our registered users, we have an interactive database which allows you to search through archives of documents pertaining to Alfalfa Seed production.

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Posted by: Jerry Neufeld

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Alfalfa cutworms

March 26, 2014    Alfalfa    Magic Valley - Idaho

Cutworm damage has been observed in newly seeded alfalfa in the Magic Valley. Details on this pest and control measures can be found by following the attached link.

Posted By: Jeff Miller

Army Cutworm Infestation

April 15, 2014    Alfalfa    Treasure Valley - All

Ranchers in Owyhee County from south of Homedale (Jump Creek area) down to the Rome area in Malheur County are reporting widespread damage to alfalfa and rangeland grasses by an infestation of army cutworms (Euxoa auxiliaris). These cutworms are ½” to 1 ¼ “ long, are brown to black in color with light colored stripes (picture attached) and may be seen in protected areas such as under cowpies, alfalfa crowns or just underneath the residue layer remaining from last season’s foliage. If you suspect army cutworms, lightly pull back the residue layer about 1” deep and look under cowpies where available. They appear to come off the rangeland fringe into alfalfa fields creating a banded effect similar to what ground squirrels may do this time of year. Crested wheat seedings in BLM allotments have also been damaged (pictured). Ranchers wishing to implement control measures on their irrigated fields can use chlorpyrifos (Lorsban 4E) or a mixture of chlorpyrifos and pyrethroid such as Cobalt at labeled rates. Cutworms are reported to come up at night in some areas so it important to use an insecticide that will be effective by ingestion to be available when the cutworm comes up to feed. For more information, check out the PNW Guide (linked). Big hat tip to Sergio Arispe and Stuart Reitz for their help with this posting!

Posted By: Bill Buhrig

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